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15 WITHIN 15: Trail running the Wissahickon

Running the trails of the Wissahickon Valley brought new discoveries: a hidden creek and historic ruins.

15 WITHIN 15: Kayaking the Schuylkill Off Kelly drive

On a mission to do 15 recreational outings within 15 minutes of home, I headed to Kelly Drive for an hour-long kayak session on the Schuylkill.


The question grows: should NJ reopen its parks? A former GOP governor chides his party on “abandoning” environmental causes. And, an invasive nemesis returns to SEPA.

Where can I kayak in the Delaware Valley under COVID-19?

It’s a patchwork of which state and county waterways are open. Find out the status of your favorite local spot.

Kicking off DelVal Outdoors

Site creator Kyle Bagenstose writes about his on, off, and then on again relationship with nature, and why he’s launching the site.